SEG 2016 Conference: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny

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SEG President's Welcome

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I join the SEG 2016 Organizing Committee in inviting you to what is expected to be a landmark conference for SEG. Our Turkish hosts are providing a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand one of the world's most endowed metallogenic regions, the Tethyan Belt, extending from Western Europe through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and beyond. The complex tectonic and magmatic evolution of this belt is still being dissected and as such it offers insights to frontier geoscience that are extremely relevant to how we understand and explore this and many much older and less well-exposed metallogenic belts. At the same time, the Tethyan focus provides a platform for discussion of the latest developments in a wide range of mineral deposit types that extend beyond the magmatic and tectonic environment of the Tethyan. The conference Special Publication is already shaping up to provide an exceptional record of metallogenic research and exploration successes in what remains one of the most underexplored regions of the world.

From a personal perspective, this combination of metallogenic diversity and underexploration brought my company, Stratex International, to Turkey in 2005. We have since then developed an excellent Turkish management and exploration team that reflects the scientific and technical excellence that is delivered via a considerable number of leading Turkish universities, and we have had a number of exploration successes that continue to reinforce our views about the exploration potential of the region. We have worked with Turkish partners at the corporate and individual levels and have found them and the wider technical and engineering support available throughout the country to be an ideal platform for the growth of a company. Add to this the challenging geology and the wild remoteness of large parts of this enormous country—it is an economic geologist's dream! I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to explore this beautiful and culturally diverse country by way of field trips and by taking part in a variety of guest activities that include trips to historic sites, museums, villages, and shopping opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you in Çeşme, Turkey this September!

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Bob Foster (SEG 1978 F)
SEG President